Digital Business Consulting | Sky Is The Limit

Digital Business Consulting | Sky Is The Limit

Saulino Group Introduction

I cannot recall how old that I was but I know the I was in the 7th or 8th grade.  My Mother had dragged me by the ears to a follow-up appointment with the local orthodontist.  I hated the orthodontist as well as my mouth which was full of metal!  Like everyone else… there have been motion pictures, musical lyrics, trips to the orthodontist, etc. that have stuck with me for the duration of my life!  I had no way of knowing this at the time but on this trip, I would come across a phrase that would simply stick with me.  As a youth sitting in the waiting room literally waiting to be tormented by a man who I viewed as Lucifer… I saw a poster hanging centered and framed perfectly on the back wall.  The picture was one of a blue sky.  It was simple and kind of boring but the caption read “Those who believe that the sky is the limit have a limited imagination”.  (Would give credit to the author of this quote but after a quick Google search, I came up with nothing.)

Hello World!  If you are reading this… Welcome to my blog.

In terms of my background, I have been working in areas of Business Development & Digital Marketing for the past 17 years.  I enjoy working with clients, getting to know their challenges, and presenting them with products/services to meet their objectives.

Who Is Marc Saulino

Today I am a Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Business Consultant and Coach operating out of Suffolk County Long Island.  My speciality is in mobile / digital marketing and work with entrepreneurs, start up’s, and small business owners in taking their business to the next level.   Am I super successful?  The depends on your definition of success.  What I do know is how to consistently move the business development and digital marketing needle   More information on the consultancy practice of the Saulino Group can be found hear.  Through this site what I can offer are trials, tribulations, articles, case studies, etc. on specific business practices that have worked and the ones that have not worked.  Feel free to check this space frequently as I look forward to using this portal as an outlet that allows me to share my experiences and findings.  I may not be able to bring your business to a new orbit but I can assist in reaching new heights!

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