Three Tips Before Hiring A Technology Consultant

Three Tips Before Hiring A Technology Consultant

By Marc Saulino

If you are a Hiring Managers looking for tips on hiring the perfect technology consultant, you have come to the right place!  You have high expectations of your consultants and so you should!  Your consultant should have expertise that can solve challenges quickly and efficiently.  Long term employment opportunities may present themselves but, you expect your consultant to deliver a specific result that moves the needle from point A to point B.

Being selective in your hire goes without saying but the below list outlines the top three things organizations need to know before hiring a technology consultant.

Technology Consultant Must Fit Your Organizational Culture

Take a step back and take a hard look at the culture of your organization.  What is the culture of your company?  You will want to put your organization as well as the technology consultant that you hire in the best possible position for success.  In achieving this objective, you need to understand that if your organization has an onsite location where a shirt and tie is required, hiring a consultant who is more attuned towards working from home in a pair of jeans & T-Shirt is not the best cultural fit for either party.  Before hiring a consultant take note that your hire will fit within the working environment that you are placing them in.

Hire a Technology Specialist

No jack of all trades!  Yes, there are exceptions to every rule but as the saying goes… jack of all trades equals master of none.  Your broken leg would be treated by a specialist not your primary care doctor.  A dented car door panel is repaired by an auto body mechanic not Jiffy Lube.  Treat your business the same way.  If your business has a need in overcoming a specific challenge, hire a specialist that has the skill set in overcoming this challenge.   The specialist needs to be able to demonstrate a commitment to their work as well as a history in helping organizations overcome challenges similar to yours.  Be selective in your hire!

Pay Your Technology Consultant

If your Technology Consultant can solve challenge “X” what would that mean to your business?  Place a value on the challenge that you are trying to overcome.  If an outside resource can assist in meeting that challenge, do not be afraid to allocate the necessary budget.  Far too many hiring mangers get hung up on the cost of hiring temporary staff.  This cost overshadows the pain of not overcoming the challenge at hand.  If the challenge that you are looking to overcome hurts badly enough you owe it to your organization to overcome these challenges.  After all, what will it mean to you business if the task is not overcome?  What happens if you do not address and fix the problem correctly on the first try?  Taking short cuts could cost your company / department in the long run.

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