What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

A Story On How We Define Content Marketing.

Scotch taped to the front door of my friend’s house this past weekend was a friendly sign on politics!  Our friends had had enough of politics in the media and they wanted a safe haven – at least for one night.  Since politics was off the table, I was pleasantly surprised to see the conversation migrate to Content Marketing :).  (I am certain that the topic of Content Marketing is at the tip of everyone’s tongues on an August Saturday night.)

The evening began like any other ordinary evening, a bunch of friends and acquaintances sat ourselves down around the host’s fire pit.  Adult beverages and a few chocolate edibles were being served when a friend of our hosts, who I had not yet met introduced himself and after a few pleasantries, asked me, “What do you do?”

The dozen or so people sitting around the fire pit imbibing on their Sterling chardonnay, Grey Goose and chocolate squares, all became silent and leaned in towards me – a true EF Hutton moment.*

I cleared my throat and replied, “I create the Content my clients’ prospects find in a Google search.”

“FASCINATING!” he said.

And as I looked him in the eyes I wasn’t sure if the glow on his face was from his excitement that I was a Content Marketer or from the fire that just began to burn brightly in the circular fire pit a few feet away, that was now getting covered by melted marshmallows.

“So, what is it exactly that you do?” Was his follow up question.

I asked if he had an investment portfolio. “Yes, I do.”  “Do you subscribe to a financial newsletter?” I asked. “Yes.  As a matter of fact,” he said, “The newsletter covers trends affecting financial markets, it shows up in my inbox every Tuesday.”

“The newsletter doesn’t try to sell me anything.  It offers solid investment advice that helps me make future decisions.”

“That’s Content Marketing,” I explained.

It was an “AHA Moment” for my new friend, that helped him to understand Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Is Educational

“I see.  Content Marketing is educational, not necessarily about the products the company sells.” “Correct.  I assist my clients to offer helpful information to convert their prospects into loyal followers and eventually convert them into raving customers.”

The night went on with lobster tails, corn on the cob, Briermere pies, and yes a few more chocolate edibles.

As the guests got ready to leave, one of them shook my hand and handed me his business card, saying,”I had always heard about Content Marketing, but wasn’t quite sure how it worked until I heard you give that explanation.  Call me.  I think you can help me.”

If you believe Content Marketing can help you develop a fan base that will convert into customers, call me @ 516.375.5449. or click marc@saulinogroup.com

Take Care,

* Baby Boomers will remember EF Hutton.  You Millenials will need to Google it.

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