“Best” Small Business Marketing Strategies

“Best” Small Business Marketing Strategies

A recent discussion on the Best Small Business Marketing Strategies: 

TOM:  Feature a Video on your website!
BILL:  Postcards breaks through the marketing clutter!
MARK:  You need to be on Social Media!

… The debate over which small business Marketing strategies are most effective is ongoing.  As Marketing & Sales Consultants, the Saulino Group offers its thoughts on the subject.  Before answering we must understand the difference between Marketing Strategies Vs Marketing Tactics.

The Marketing Strategy of All Small Businesses 

Regardless of product / service, the marketing strategy of any small businesses is to create and drive opportunities into your SALES pipeline.  One common mistake we see small businesses make is that:

Small Businesses identify marketing tactics as their marketing strategy

Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Corporate Websites, etc. are Marketing Tactics.  They are outlets for your Marketing Strategy which is simply a message created to move your prospects into an opportunity funnel.   We encourage small businesses to develop their messaging 1st.  A message that inspires prospects to take action.  Once completed, then select one or two marketing tactics that test your message.  CONTENT is vital to the messaging behind your marketing strategy.

The Best Small Business Marketing Strategies

The Saulino Group taps into numerous marketing strategies that delivers CONSISTENT results.  One strategy is the VALUE 1st method.  Take a look at your target market and think of interests or challenges that they have.  What services can you offer at a cost of ZERO that would peak their interest or solve that challenge?  When you give away VALUE 1st you will notice a physiological effect on the prospects.  An effect that has prospects feeling obligated to now buy a secondary product or service.  In a cited 2005 study, Randy Garner, a professor of behavioral science at Sam Houston State University, wrote that feeling obligated to reciprocate a favor “can occur despite the fact that we may never have requested the favor in the first place.” (http://business.time.com/2013/06/24/5-ways-companies-win-by-giving-stuff-away/)

The Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Use Case

The Saulino Group works with a Fantasy Sports Company called StatementGames LLC. www.statementgames.com has ambitions of revolutionizing the Fantasy Sports gaming industry with its new gaming platform.  The core challenge of StatementGames LLC is building its prospect list in preparation for its product release (November 2017).  The Saulino Group helped overcome their challenge by:

  • Helping client better understand its Target Market
  • Creating CONTENT that inspires ACTION
  • Identification of Marketing Tactics to implement client Marketing Strategy. (We ran a contest giving away NFL tickets!)
  • Implementing a Marketing System that allows client to monetize their new-found OPPORTUNITIES.
The Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Results

For every 1,000 users who accessed the landing page 550 – 600 users provided StatementGames LLC with their First Name, Last Name and valid E-mail address.  Could your business use more qualified leads?  Are you ready to elevate your Marketing & Sales efforts?  Serious inquiries only Twitter = @MarcSaulino, Facebook = @SaulinoGroup.

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