Business “VISION”

Business “VISION”

Big Business… What Do They Have?  Business “VISION”.

The Saulino Group has been fortunate to meet and work with some fascinating Small Business Owners.  Recently, a colleague of mine asked me, “Marc having been a BIG Business corporate executive for over 17 years to now working as a consultant with smaller entities – what do you consider the most strategic takeaways learned?”  Without hesitation my response mimicked how Fortune 500 companies THINK differently than Small Businesses:

  • Takeaway 1 = Brands like Coca-Cola… can you ever imagine this brand not allocating budget towards Marketing?  Coca-Cola is recognized globally but continues to educate and brand their products through marketing.  Unfortunately, many small business owners feel that they cannot afford to market when in reality… they CAN NOT AFFORD NOT TO MARKET.
  • Takeaway 2 = Small Business Owners place too much focus on individual marketing tactics (Website, Facebook, Apps, Google Ad Words, etc.) and not an overall strategy.
  • Takeaway 3 = Fortune 500 companies operate from VISION while small business owners either forget what their VISION even is or never clearly had a true Business “VISION” Statement.

At the Saulino Group we consult small business owners on how they can create a SMART marketing strategy that drives consistent results.  Just remember even with a well-conceived plan… peak performance can only be achieved through a clear Business Vision.

Business “VISION” Conversation With Haim Ohayo

Recently I had an opportunity to meet with personal growth and corporate development coach Haim Ohayo the founder of  Haim was an auto mechanic for over 40 years but when he was laid off from his job at the age of 55 – faced a life altering challenge.  Find a NEW auto mechanic job or enter another endeavour.  Upon taking a holistic view of his life Haim concluded that he:

  • Loved People
  • Was good at helping people unlock their true potential

In 2010 he traded in those vice grips and oil stained shirts in an effort to satisfy an entrepreneurial ambition of becoming a Business & Life Coach.  Since that time he has positively altered lives, saved marriages and assisted in the expansion and profitability of marginal companies.

Saulino Group (Marc):  Haim, when you talk about business vision – what exactly do you mean?
Haim:  Successful Individuals & Companies have a clarity on what their success looks like.  They are able visualize and articulate clearly what success means to them.  For example the Make a Wish Foundation has a Vision that people everywhere will share the power of a wish.  Visions allow an organization to dream while focusing the mind.    With a focused mind… your entity will start moving towards tactics like marketing that shape your vision.

Saulino Group:  What advice would you give to Small Business Owners looking to revise a Vision Statement?
Haim:  Do not be afraid to create a Vision Statement from a FEELING or BELIEF.  Dream big!  By age 7 we begin to be taught by external influencers to suppress feelings / beliefs that may not seem rational.  When creating Vision Statements let your imagination flow.  Commit your dreams to paper without fear.  To achieve success, you 1st need to visualize what success is.  Then and only then can your vision be moved to reality.

Saulino Group:  How should one begin the visualization process?
Haim:  Start by talking out loud to yourself.  Allow yourself to express thoughts and aspirations.

Saulino Group:  Talk out loud to yourself?  Don’t you run the risk of others thinking you are CRAZY?
Haim:  Probably ?… but that is OK!  If you want to succeed you need to be “abnormal”.
Saulino Group:  Lol… Crazy is Good!

If you are ready to take the next step with your Marketing… contact or Twitter @MarcSaulino.  If you feel Haim could be a fit for your organization contact

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