Small Business Finance Challenges

Small Business Finance Challenges

The Best Challenge A Small Business Owner Can Have!

As a Small Business Branding & Marketing Consultant, I am often intertwined with core cross-functional small business initiatives, which gives me a rewarding opportunity to work with all aspects of my clients business.  My clients are not just Business Owners, they also serve as Chief Marketing Officers – Chief Operating Officers – Sales Directors – etc.  At the Saulino Group we work with our clients in showing them how Marketing can take concepts to market, build leads, and generate revenue.  We also show how the right marketing strategy can address important objectives like customer satisfaction & product usage.  Sometimes, we really need to get creative and show how Marketing can address HR issues (“Timmy said WHAT? To WHOM?”).

Working with so many different business verticals I have heard my fair share of challenges from Small Business Owners. For today’s post I wanted to write about the VERY BEST challenge a Business Owner proposed to me. This challenge is one I wish all my clients had. A challenge of how a business owner was doing extremely well in areas of growth and now wanted to learn how to better protect the assets they have built. As a branding & marketing expert, this specific challenge falls a little outside of my jurisdiction but like to think of myself as someone who is resourceful. An individual with an extensive network and if I can use this network to help a client… why not!

Financial Expert Michael McDonnell

If it for this reason I had an opportunity to sit down with finance expert Michael McDonnell.  Mike has over 25 years of Wall Street Experience.  He has led strategy sessions for financial intuitions such as Barclays and is well qualified in areas of Equities Analysis, Risk Management, Financial Compliance, etc.  Today Michael works for AXA as a Financial Professional.  He believes in taking a holistic approach when working with businesses or individuals.  An approach that breaks finance down into small steps so that assets are protected while continuing to grow.

(Marc): I think I just gave you a good introduction :).  Anything else that you would like to add about your background our current position at AXA?
(Mike):  I spent 25 years working with some of the finest people and minds in trading, risk management, compliance and strategy.  So when the opportunity to join the preeminent global firm  dedicated to growing and protecting their clients wealth… I jumped at the opportunity.

(Marc): Great!

(Marc): Now I understand that every case is going to be unique but are there any tips or best practices that business owners can look at when looking to manage risk and protect assets?
(Mike):  There are a myriad of strategies available to businesses to manage risk and protect assets. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for the business owner to trust their advisor, and to be in from the ground floor with the design of the plan(s).  We all have different appetites for risk, so you must be comfortable with your advisor, and demand clear and concise answers to all questions.

(Marc):  For those of us who are not financial experts – what is the one thing that you find about finance that Small Business Owners should know but more often than not… don’t?
(Mike):  In my experience many are not aware of the incredibly powerful strategies that are available, that are tax efficient, and can provide for a smooth business succession, build a lucrative pension and pass on a profound legacy to their family as well as their favorite charities.

If you are ready to take the next step with your Marketing… contact or Twitter @MarcSaulino.  If you feel Michael could be a fit for your organization contact him directly at or 516-455-9198.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday &…. Try not to eat to much Turkey!

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