Marc Saulino


I am Marc Saulino a recognized Business Coach & Founder of Saulino Group Consulting.At the Saulino Group we serve Long Island area small business, start-ups and Entrepreneurs with Business Consulting services.  To be more specific we help our clients create customized “SYSTEMS” that add even more revenue to their bottom lines and we do this consistently.

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Direct Mail, Network Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Video Marketing, etc… there are so many marketing CHANNELS that are available to Business Owners but which tactics are the best?  Well here is some good news for you, they ALL WORK but in order for them to work you need to be able to tell your entities story effectively through your chosen marketing channel.  What you need is CONTENT.

Content are the words depicted on your website or the language spoken within your corporate video.  What is your sales pitch?  How is your personal or corporate presentation organized?  From a marketing perspective, your CONTENT needs to be able to engage your audience, peak their interest and move them to take ACTION.  Action can mean the purchase of a product / service but action can also mean that they LIKE your Facebook Page, opt-into a newsletter, Follow your blog, download a special report, subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc.  At the Saulino Group we aid our clients in creating a message or CONTENT that does that.

We then aid in the creation of a CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY that engages the prospects of our clients.  We turn prospect engagements into followers of the clients we represent.  Ultimately, we then convert followers into customers.

At the Saulino Group it is not about selling our clients specific marketing services.  It is more about creating content the gets results and then devising a strategy that allows our clients to tell their story.  For more information on our consultancy download our report by filling out the form below.  This report does carry a $150 value and can only be accessed for a limited time at a cost of $0!  Take advantage today!