Marc Saulino


I am Marc Saulino a recognized Business Coach & Founder of Saulino Group Consulting.At the Saulino Group we serve Long Island area small business, start-ups and Entrepreneurs with Business Consulting services.  To be more specific we help our clients create customized “SYSTEMS” that add even more revenue to their bottom lines and we do this consistently.

Through the Saulino Group I have had the fortune of meeting some great Business Owners & Executives.  It is an honour working with motivated people who have big dreams and aspirations.  Through my work, there are some common challenges seen.  Challenges that are in-line with… how do I create more opportunities for my business or close more sales.  We do just that through the Saulino Group’s core services.

With that said, if there is one thing that I have learned over the course of 20 years… regardless of what Business systems you implement, if you are not healthy you will never realize your full potential.  If you are not able to sustain a certain energy level throughout the course of a day, week, month, quarter, year… your performance will suffer.

At the Saulino Group we have created a proprietary systems that helps our corporate clients as well as individuals manage their health while maintaining energy.  We work with dedicated health coaches and sell nutritional products that achieve results for our clients.  The Saulino Group offers such a system because it works and health is important to the overall success of any small business owner.  In fact, since my personal story resonates with so many Business Owners, Executives, Entrepreneurs & Individuals…. I am happy to share it with you as well!

As a Business owner, I work very long hours.  The work is enjoyable and rewarding.   Helping my clients succeed is a privilege and a thrill!  For me it is very easy to get lost in a day or even week due to the work load and unexpected challenges.  As a result it had been very easy for me to pick up some unhealthy eating and exercise habits.  When the Saulino Group was 1st founded, I was working so much that I had put on a solid 30 LB over a period of 6 months.  That’s 5 LB per month which in my opinion… very impressive when considering how much eating you need to do combined with little / NO exercise to put on that type of weigh.  When battling with weight you find that it is not just your health that suffers.  Your mood, energy level, self-confidence, self-worth, and overall attitude is affected.  I needed to change not only for my business but for myself.

To create my desired result, I did extensive research.  I interviewed some of the top nutritionists in my area.  The program that I created combines exercise, mental awareness as well as nutrition.  For an example of how the program works fill out the form below and schedule a consultation.  Through the program created I was personally able to go from 224 LB to now 183 LB.  I was able to do this in a safe non-intrusive way.  I do not starve myself nor do I spend countless hours at the GYM.  I feel great, my energy level is SKY High and my business has benefited from it!  The program that we have created has assisted others as well:

Quote 1

“As a working Mother of 3, life can get very hectic and very quickly.  In working with Marc, YES I have been able to cut weight but with the my new found energy… I have been able to take my technology consulting practice to NEW HIGHTS! ”

Lauren Crove

Quote 2

“We all have problems and I am no different.  Working with someone who cares about your health goals and aspirations is refreshing.  Thank You Marc! ”

Jacquelin Rivero